Things Whose Beauty I Will Teach My Future Children to Notice

This is the English version of something I posted on my other blog a few weeks ago. You can read the original in French here.

– birds singing, especially at dawn
– clouds that protect us from the fierce heat of the sun on a summer noon
– rainbows
– the timbre of pianos
– the smell of the pages of books, and of old books
– children’s laughter
– eyes full of wonder
– the sounds of French
– the stillness of the night
– the sound of rain on the roof
– the sweetness of berries
– the strength of trees
– the colors of autumn
– the might of storms
– the sound of crickets
– stars that hang from the sky in a cloudless night
– the scent of honeysuckle
– fireflies
– the delicate nature of flowers
– God’s mercy