💙 Weekly Hearts 💜

…In which I share with you some things that I heart from the past week.

1. Gospel remix of Maxine Waters’ “Reclaiming my time” speech.

On July 27 during a House Financial Services Committee hearing, Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) asked Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin why he hadn’t responded to her letter from May 23. Mnuchin responded with flowery formalities congratulating Waters on what a lovely person she is, etc. etc. Waters saw that he was trying to run out her time without actually addressing her question, and she was having none of it. So she employed a procedural rule where she can “reclaim” her time from the person who’s speaking during it. The stuff of CSPAN isn’t normally my cup of tea, but you’re gonna want to check out that exchange. I’m proud of Rep. Waters for standing up for herself and for all Americans because the people deserve answers.

Many Americans were inspired by this and the hashtag #reclaimingmytime flooded the interwebs. My favorite thing to come out of this is the SUPER AWESOME gospel remix by singer Mykal Kilgore.



This week illustrator Taryn Knight posted a list of Potter Week illustration prompts, and filmaker Adrienne Dowling was up for the task. Take a look at Adrienne’s gorgeous rendition of the Weasley clock! I’m in love.


3. In a Heartbeat

This beautiful animated short was created by Beth David and Esteban Bravo at the Ringling College of Art and Design. Here’s the synopsis from the video’s YouTube description: “A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.” This video made my heart so happy. I’m not crying; you’re crying.


4. Muslim Vocabulary 101

Muslim writer and YouTuber Heraa Hashmi created this awesome video breaking down a few words and expressions commonly used by Muslims. As a language lover who likes to learn about world religious, I found this really interesting and informative. I was surprised to see just how differently some of the vowels sound than how I would have guessed based on the transliterated English spelling. Also Heraa is really funny. I look foward to watching more of her videos. There’s one on Indian family trees that sounds intriguing.



So those are some of the things I’ve been into this week. Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you come across any awesomesauce that I need to see?


Hello, there. It’s been a long time since I posted anything to a blog, but lately I’ve been feeling that it’s time to give it another go. I’ve changed a bit since I last wrote anything online; in fact, two of the three posts below have parts that make me cringe a little. But I decided to keep them, because they reflect who I was when I wrote them. We’re always changing, and if we tossed out or tried to hide everything we made in the past that seems not as good in the present, we’d never have much work to show anyone. And we’d always be hiding most of our journey that made us who we are now.

So, this is me taking a step out into the blogosphere (are the kids still saying that these days?) after a long hiatus. When I first started this blog, four years and one hosting platform ago, I was creating it because I wanted to have a place where I would write about what I considered to be “important” things. I had another site where I shared creative writing endeavors (you can view it here), but I wanted to write about other topics as well, some of which seemed too heavy for the space I had been cultivating. But it was kind of a foolish mindset–as if creative writing isn’t important. As if art doesn’t have the power to affect people, to change them. The other main problem with this mindset is that telling yourself you’re going to write about Important Things puts a lot of pressure on yourself. And writing is hard enough as it is.

So suffice it to say that I am done with that outlook. Going forward, I want to use this space to share all kinds of things. I want to post poems and vignettes and also musings on social justice and theology. I want to show you some of the dozens of photos I take of flowers and toads and other things that greet me on my path. I want to share the crafty things I make, like jewelry and crocheted goodies and cards, and maybe even include some tutorials along the way. I’m resurrecting this blog as a space to share the things I’m passionate about and the things that make me happy.

I look forward to cultivating a space of thoughtfulness and wonder and reflection and joy, and I hope you’ll join me along the way.

Cells and Sinew

Inspired by this fierce poem and this beautiful song.

Flesh and bones, cells and sinew:
Bits and pieces that make up you.
Turn off the TV; toss the magazine.
Look in the mirror: you’re a stunning queen.

Wild hair that frames an earnest face–
When wind catches it, it dances with grace.
Untamable, like the spirit inside–
Don’t pull it back; let it free with pride.

Breasts and vulva for bringing new life;
Intellect and espritthat can cut like a knife.
Cage the fear and put it on the shelf.
You are beautiful, she said to herself.

Things Whose Beauty I Will Teach My Future Children to Notice

This is the English version of something I posted on my other blog a few weeks ago. You can read the original in French here.

– birds singing, especially at dawn
– clouds that protect us from the fierce heat of the sun on a summer noon
– rainbows
– the timbre of pianos
– the smell of the pages of books, and of old books
– children’s laughter
– eyes full of wonder
– the sounds of French
– the stillness of the night
– the sound of rain on the roof
– the sweetness of berries
– the strength of trees
– the colors of autumn
– the might of storms
– the sound of crickets
– stars that hang from the sky in a cloudless night
– the scent of honeysuckle
– fireflies
– the delicate nature of flowers
– God’s mercy

Five Minute Friday: Lonely

This post is for Lisa-Jo Baker‘s Five Minute Friday link-up, where she posts a one-word prompt, and then eager writers ready to throw caution to the wind write for five minutes without overediting or overthinking. It’s simple and awesome. For more info, go here. Today’s prompt is LONELY.

Disclaimer: I may have cheated a little and gone over five minutes. I kind of lost track of the time.

I spend my afternoons exploring the neighborhood and taking pictures of rabbits and flowers in the field behind my house. I spend my nights swaying on a swing under the stars. I fall in love with the sunset as I inhale the sweet scents of summer. I watch in awe as the fireflies flicker around me and the crickets sing their song. And I’ve gotten used to doing all of this alone.

A friend recently asked me if I was looking for a relationship, if that’s something that I was looking for in my life right now. They told me that they wanted to wait until they got a little more settled, as they thought they might be moving soon. But for me it’s never been like that. I don’t really decide that I’m looking for someone or not. My outlook is that when it happens, it happens. I tried my hand at a free dating website, because I knew a few people who had used it and met someone they really hit it off with. But it hasn’t worked out for me, and honestly I find it all rather awkward. I can’t focus on finding someone with that kind of singularity.

I know that God has a plan for me, and I don’t know what that entails. I hate it when people talk as though if you’re looking for a mate, then that is definitely what God has planned for you. There are a lot of older, single people who would disagree with that, and unfortunately I think their voices are often not included in society and even in the Church. Sometimes we talk like everyone’s supposed to pair up (maybe this is less-so in Christian circles that mandate celibacy for clergy?), but you know what? The truth is that that’s not God’s plan for everyone (hello, Paul! Remember him?), and that’s okay. I’m not pretending to know what God’s plan for me is. I’m 27; I think there’s most likely a lot of plan left to unfold. And whatever it is, it’s going to be beautiful.

So yep, I’m a little bit lonely. Part of this is because I don’t work on my friendships enough, and I’m trying to change that. And I’ve recently become connected to a motley crew of lovely souls on the interwebs, and I look forward to sharing stories with them in addition to the people I know “in real life.”…

For now, I know three things: 1) I really do long for a companion; 2) I don’t know what the future holds; and 3) God’s plan for me, whatever it is, is good. And you know what? That just may be enough.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the stars are singing a lovely nightsong, and they’re asking me to join in.